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SKU # CWK512

Double Propeller Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak

  • These sit-on-top kayak models are excellent for kayak anglers and have features to accommodate accessories like a fishing rod or the user’s personal belongings. The tandem pedal fishing kayak is a larger model that can accommodate two people without any problems. The tandem pedal kayak is excellent for couples who want to spend some time exploring the outdoors or fishing. These kayaks come with many excellent features which make them safe, fun to use, and durable. Featuring 2 Paddles, 2 Comfortable Adjustable Aluminum Frame Seats, 2 Propeller Pedal, 8 Scupper Plugs, 1 Drain Plug, 2 Plastic Handles, 3 Flush Rod Holders, 2 Round Hatches, 1 Oval Hatch, 8 H-Trackz, 1 Full Rudder System, 2 Paddle Packing, 2 Cup Holes

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