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CW Sports - Your One-Stop Solution for Wholesale Sports Equipment

At CW Sports, we are your premier wholesale destination for high-quality kayaks in Southwest Florida. As avid enthusiasts of the great outdoors, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in making your water/fishing adventures unforgettable. With a commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service, CW Sports is your trusted partner in exploring the pristine waterways of Southwest Florida. Discover a diverse range of wholesale fishing kayaks that combine durability, performance, and affordability, ensuring that every paddle is a step closer to the perfect catch. Elevate your angling experience with CW Sports - where quality meets adventure.


At CW Sports, we deeply value the relationships we build with our customers, fostering a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts united by a shared love for fishing and kayaking in the beautiful waterways of Southwest Florida.


At CW Sports, we prioritize the customer experience, ensuring that every interaction reflects our commitment to providing seamless service and enhancing the overall enjoyment of outdoor adventures with our quality fishing kayaks in Southwest Florida.


At CW Sports, we uphold a culture of accountability, ensuring transparency and reliability in every aspect of our wholesale fishing kayak offerings in Southwest Florida, so our customers can trust in the quality and service they receive.

Our Mission

Explore the Beauty of Sports with CW Sports

At CW Sports, our mission is to provide high-quality sports equipment to retailers across the United States. We aim to build a better world by encouraging people to explore the beauty of sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our team of experts is constantly working towards designing and manufacturing sports equipment that meets the needs of our clients. We value long-term partnerships with our clients and believe in delivering top-tier services that exceed their expectations.

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